East View and the Center for Research Libraries Release Open Access Collection of Early 20th-Century Chinese Newspapers

MINNEAPOLIS, USA. September 24, 2019 – East View Information Services is pleased to announce the release of the Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers, an Open Access collection. This is the first of many collections to be built in partnership with the Center for Research Libraries as part of the East View Global Press Archive’s CRL Alliance.

The Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers Open Access collection is the result of close collaboration between East View and CRL, with CRL advisors selecting and curating the content, and CRL membership funding the collection to make it Open Access globally.

Greg Eow, President of the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), notes: “CRL is delighted that the Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers collection is now accessible through the Global Press Archive. The charter alliance between CRL and East View has brought the substantial contributions of more than 200 academic and independent research libraries to bear on the wide accessibility of world newspapers that would otherwise be unavailable to a global audience. This important undertaking will provide an enormous new body of source materials for the study of culture, politics, international affairs, trade and many other subjects throughout the 20th century.”

For the CRL Alliance’s first Open Access collection, CRL advisors selected key newspapers published in China during its tumultuous transition from imperial rule to the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. The collection currently contains 13 titles and over 175,000 pages of content but will ultimately grow to include hundreds of titles and 500,000 pages by the end of the year. Access the Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers collection at gpa.eastview.com/crl/lqrcn.

Jo Anne Newyear-Ramirez, Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Resources at the University of California, Berkeley and member of the CRL Advisory Committee to the program, notes: “The CRL-East View Global Press Archive Alliance has assembled an amazing collection of historical newspapers in consultation with the academic research community. Being open access is a game changer. This will enhance and facilitate the scholarship in this field of study for years to come.”

Over the next three years, East View, in partnership with CRL, will deliver an additional 2.5 million pages of global newspaper content in Open Access, including publications from the Middle East, Latin America, and more. In addition to Open Access collections, the CRL Alliance will deliver an additional 1.5 million pages of content accessible to CRL member institutions and other participating institutions.

Learn about the CRL Alliance and the Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers e-Collection at www.eastview.com/GPA/CRL-Alliance or email [email protected].

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