LandScan Global 2013 Launched by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and East View

For Immediate Release

Minneapolis, MN, USA. September 19, 2014—East View is pleased to announce the release of the LandScan 2013 Global Population database.

Developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Defense, LandScan provides the ambient population distribution at a resolution of one square kilometer covering all inhabited land mass on Earth.

For this new 2013 edition, special attention was given to the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa, where political and tribal conflicts have presented challenges for calculating the population distribution values.

East View is the exclusive worldwide distributor of LandScan. Having developed a WebApp to provide online access and having compiled an archive of all historical versions, East View has expanded the distribution of LandScan to academic institutions, commercial enterprises, government agencies, and humanitarian organizations the world over.

Improvements in the new 2013 edition of LandScan include:

  • Updated results from 2010-2013 census activities for numerous countries have been integrated into this version of LandScan, allowing for significant refinements in the population distribution.
  • Due to the dramatic effects on population distribution precipitated by the ongoing crisis in Syria and considering the demand for more current population data for that area, the population for Syria and the neighboring nations were adjusted to account for the movement of refugees and internally displaced persons as of June 2014.
  • Output from Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s “Settlement Mapper Tool” which delineates and characterizes settlements using high-resolution imagery was incorporated in this version of LandScan.
  • NGA’s Controlled Image Base (CIB) imagery, imagery provided through NGA from Digital Globe’s Global Enhanced GEOINT Delivery, and other high-resolution imagery sources were used extensively for verification and validation, for refining urban built-up areas, for adding thousands of smaller villages and populated places, and for the identification and mitigation of input data anomalies to improve the spatial precision and values of the population distribution.
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