East View Launches 118-Year The Japan Times Digital Archive

For Immediate Release

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., USA - August 26, 2015
East View is pleased to announce an exciting new and complete digital archive of the daily publication, The Japan Times, is now available online through East View by annual subscription.

With the mottos, "All the News without Fear or Favor" and "The World's Window on Japan", The Japan Times newspaper is an independent publication, not associated with the mainline Japanese-language publications. As the only English-language Japanese newspaper archive of this depth, The Japan Times Digital Archive delivers over a century of news and history on world affairs from a Japanese perspective.

The Japan Times publication was founded in 1897, with the intention to "give Japanese the opportunity to read news and current events in English and to help Japan to participate more fully in the international community." This new digital archive includes every newspaper published between 1897 and 2014 (nearly 500,000 pages), with annual updates.

Digital archive content includes:

  • News, Opinion (Editorials, Op-eds, Letters to the Editor)
  • Features - Life and style, community, media, technology, food and drink, travel, environment, education, cartoons
  • Entertainment - Film, art, music, stage, books, event previews, festival listing
  • Sports - Domestic and overseas, including coverage of baseball, soccer, basketball, sumo and figure skating
  • Searchable text for majority of advertising content

The Japan Times Digital Archive features the best, easy-to-use interface available for discovering deep archive content of any Japanese newspaper (English or Japanese). The online search tools allow users to search the Main newspaper, Extra issues, Supplements or All issues by Imperial Period (Meiji, Taishō, Shōwa, Heisei), publications dates, and keywords.

For more information or trial access to The Japan Times Digital Archive or other products and services, please contact East View Information Services at info@eastview.com.

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