Voxgov™ is a pioneering discovery portal giving unprecedented visibility and access to government documents and official announcements of the United States Federal Government.

Voxgov delivers to users an exponentially growing collection of over 30 million documents, comprised of official documents of U.S. government bodies, as well as social media output of federal entities and individual actors such as legislators, department chiefs, and others in all branches and at all levels of the federal government. The database archives information authored or adopted by the U.S. Federal Government and published through official government channels. In addition, Voxgov includes multimedia content such as Twitter feeds, YouTube videos and more output by government entities and comprising the total universe of “e-Gov” communications of the federal government.

Voxgov uniquely serves as a single access point of discovery for the vast universe of content that is “U.S. Federal Government documents,” and offers users powerful visualization and report-building tools to conduct research that would be otherwise unthinkable. It allows users to know the current mind and doings of the U.S. government like no other tool can.

Voxgov provides rich indexing of government bodies and actors, as well keeping cached copies of all captured documents, which allows users to instantly identify critical information that might otherwise be missed.

Voxgov crawls in excess of 14,600 web destinations on algorithmically generated intervals, adding more than 17,500 new documents each day, and presents a uniquely comprehensive picture of the work and official communication of the United States government. Content types captured and indexed include:

Official Releases & Social Media (27.5 million documents)

  • Official Releases & Social Media account for 90% or more of Voxgov's content
  • Far more disparate in nature and difficult to aggregate than Congressional & Regulatory Documents
  • For this reason, Voxgov is the ONLY vendor providing comprehensive access to the above
Official Government Releases
Press Releases, News, Notices, Columns, Articles, Op-Eds, Blogs, Decisions, Opinions, Orders, Events, Media Advisories, Fact Sheets, Newsletters, Bulletins, Recalls, Alerts, Reports, Publications, Speeches, Statements, Remarks, Testimony, Transcripts, Legislation and legislative drafts

Official Government Social Media
Twitter, YouTube, Facebook

Congressional & Regulatory Documents (2.2 Million Documents)

Congressional Documents
Extension of Remarks (Congressional Record), House Record (Congressional Record}, Senate Record (Congressional Record}, CRS Reports, Committee Reports, Conference Reports, Joint Reports

Laws, Amendments, Bills, Joint Resolution, Concurrent Resolution, Simple Resolution

Regulatory Documents
Federal register documents contribute to the more than 8,300 unique sources (and 454 regulatory document sources) that are indexed in Voxgov: Proposed Rules, Simple Rules, Notices, Presidential Executive Orders, Presidential Determinations, Presidential Memos, Presidential Proclamations, Presidential Notices, Public Inspection

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About Voxgov
Voxgov's goal is to become the established site of record for unedited media, news and information from all official government sources, providing reliable and comprehensive value-added access to government communications.

Through early discovery of critical information, Voxgov helps users predict the likely course of government decision-making on issues critical to their interests while better positioning them to influence outcomes in their favor.