Global Census Archive

A multi-platform global aggregation initiative to collect the world's census data in all its formats

In the first offering of its kind, East View presents the Global Census Archive® (GCA), an innovative program to collect officially published materials related to censuses from around the world.

Since launching the inaugural Latin America Census Collection in 2018, East View has been working to collect hundreds of censuses and thousands of related volumes and materials from around the world.

This global collection contains GIS census data as well as all available published volumes, supporting questionnaires and other census ephemera. Each census comes with an East View-produced census catalog, which serves as a finding aid and provides historical context.

The Global Census Archive offers a robust resource for scholars and analysts to find current and historic census data, including all available GIS data and published content that accompanies the release of a census.

Why Global Census Archive?

Data from published census authorities are unusable for systematic analysis because they are locked in thousands of paper documents, PDF files, and rare books dispersed across hundreds of websites and libraries.

Meanwhile, authoritative GIS data output is often not usable without extensive set-up and significant database management and programming experience.

East View provides a centralized publications platform and uniform GIS format for these materials, making a wide range of census assets easily accessible for discovery and analysis.

GCA Deliverables

GIS census products include a geodatabase with administrative boundary vector data, shapefiles, census guide, original census documentation, and full attribute level metadata.

Census publications products all include an East View-produced census catalog. While the availability of official census publications and related source materials will vary by country, examples of typical materials include official published results (analytical and tabular), maps, questionnaires, public campaign literature, and more.

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