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For searching in transliteration, use the Library of Congress transliteration system (

When searching for words containing "ь" (soft sign) and "й" in transliteration, please use " ' " (apostrophe) and "i'" (i followed by apostrophe) respectively.

For instance, Российская национальная библиотека transliterates as Rossii'skaia natsional'naia biblioteka.

Russian Transliteration Table
а a р r
б b с s
в v т t
г g у u
д d ф f
е e х kh
ж zh ц ts
з z ч ch
и i ш sh
й i' щ shch
к k ъ ''
л l ы y
м m ь '
н n э e'
о o ю iu
п p я ia