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Africa Development Data Explorer (ADDaX)

Definitive development and economic intelligence data on Africa, now accessible in one online resource. Africa is easier than ever to research and analyze with ADDaX, an online resource with data from all 54 countries.

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voxgov™ is a pioneering discovery portal giving unprecedented visibility and access to government documents and official announcements of the United States Federal Government.

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The LandScan Global Population Databases, developed at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, represent the finest resolution global population distribution databases available. Offering the most accurate and reliable, geographically based, population distribution model, LandScan is a useful application in research, educational, humanitarian and corporate settings.

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Terrain Analysis Series

East View's Terrain Analysis Series provides an authoritative and comprehensive view into physical and human geography.

Get fingertip access to once-classified intelligence on:

  • Populated places:  from small towns and villages to major cities, local road conditions, building characteristics, water resources, housing density, sanitary conditions, telecommunications infrastructure, population levels.
  • Roads and bridges:  Load capacities, surface type (e.g. dirt, gravel, asphalt) and width, elevation, and seasonal conditions.
  • Topography and Soil Conditions:  Altitude and slope characteristics for mountainous areas, types of soils (e.g. sandy, clay), water tables, and seismic activity.
  • Hydrology:  Major rivers, widths, depths, and flow rates, banks/islands, silting, freezing pollution, and conditions affecting use.
  • Vegetation:  Grassy, forested shrubs, tree heights and types, predominant types of grasses, and crops cultivated.
  • Climate:  Temperature range by season, snow, rainfall, and wind conditions.

These detailed surveys have never been previously published in English and provide a fresh, accurate description of the local terrain environment, representing an invaluable resource for companies, government agencies, NGOs, and other groups who are or will be involved in the reconstruction and humanitarian efforts.

Each resource is available in searchable database format, e-book, or print. Examples of available products include:

  • Terrain Analysis of Syria and Lebanon
  • Terrain Analysis of Ukraine
  • Terrain Analysis of Afghanistan

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World News Connection Archive

The World News Connection started in 1995 by providing access to unfiltered press dispatches – methodically translated into English by the U.S. Government. These daily updates were discontinued after December 31, 2013, but researchers still have access to the archive (November 1995 to December 31, 2013) of over 1 million foreign newspaper articles, broadcast transcripts and datelines from Beijing, Beirut, Bogota, Cairo, Jakarta, Iraq, Mogadishu, Qatar, Ramallah, Sarajevo, Vienna, and hundreds of other spots around the world. Over 500 news sources from 130 countries!

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