voxgov Frequently Asked Questions
  • What Sources are included in the voxgov U.S. Federal Government collection?
    The voxgov U.S. Federal Government Collection contains over 8,300 unique Sources gathered from across all three branches of the government. voxgov only collects information authored or adopted BY the U.S. Federal Government and published ON official Government websites.

    • Executive: Federal Agencies, (incl. Secretaries and Commissioners)
    • Judiciary: U.S. Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the US Courts
    • Legislative: Former and Current Members of Congress, Federal Register, Congressional Record, Committee Material, Legislation
  • What document types are included in voxgov?
    voxgov collects over 50 different document types from U.S. Federal Government Sources. These include, press releases, speeches, transcripts, columns, blogs, fact sheets, social media, Federal Register and Congressional documents, among many others. A full list of Core Document Types can be found on the voxgov information page.

  • How comprehensive is document collection from each Source?
    voxgov's goal is to collect all of the 50 document types that Sources may share in common and where available. Document types unique to particular Sources are also being collected. Due to the size and breadth of the U.S. Federal Government web presence and publishing capabilities, voxgov doesn't claim to capture everything that the government publishes. However, voxgov does currently have over 20.5 million documents, and that number grows by several thousand each day.

    If a voxgov subscriber identifies a qualified Source and/or document type not presently being collected, they can submit a request for it to be added. In most cases it will be available on the voxgov system within 24-48 hours.

  • How large is voxgov’s document collection?
    Sources currently contain over 20.5 million documents growing at a rate of approx. 17,500 new documents each day. Between 30-35 million documents are expected by the end of 2016.

  • How extensive is voxgov’s document archive?
    voxgov aims to collect the full archive for each of the 50 documents types from each Source. The available archive material for document types from all Sources varies depending upon when each Source began having a web presence or when digital records were first created.

  • How up-to-date is voxgov’s document collection?
    voxgov's proprietary technology visits over 14,600 web destinations on algorithmically generated intervals, in search of new documents published to any Source sites. Over 92% of newly collected documents appear on the web site within the first minute from time of collection. In the small number of cases where a Source publishes an incomplete document (e.g.: no Date of publication is included) this can take a few minutes longer.

  • What % of voxgov’s collection does Legislation, Congressional Record and Federal Register account for?
    As of September 1, only 10% or 1.9 million documents are comprised from the above. The remaining 90% or 18.6 million documents represent Core Documents and include the following:

    Core voxgov Documents Types:
    Press Releases, News, Notices, Columns, Articles, Op-Eds, Decisions, Opinions, Orders, Events, Media Advisories, Fact Sheets, Newsletters, Bulletins, Recalls, Alerts, Reports, Publications, Speeches, Statements, Remarks, Testimony, Transcripts, along with Social Media from official government sources from Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and more.

  • Does voxgov preserve copies of original documents?
    Yes. In addition to three extracted versions of every document, voxgov keeps a cached copy of every original document included in the collection as well as a stored copy of all social media files.

  • Who uses voxgov?
    See a comprehensive list of voxgov users and how they use it. www.eastview.com/online/voxgovusers

Frequently Asked Questions

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