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Cambridge Archive Editions Online is the first-ever digital presentation of the exceptionally well-known and respected series of British archival reprints.

Cambridge Archive Editions conducts original research in British government records and other sources. Most collections include an extensively researched document-by-document identification, which enables a more efficient study of the material, and original references as an aid to scholars. Facsimile reproduction ensures the historical authenticity of the original documents.

Now digitized, these valuable materials are now exponentially more discoverable and useful as e-books, featuring:
  • Intuitive web based platform delivers basic and advanced search options to simplify research
  • Historical maps that are rich in detail, with page zoom
  • Collection, Topics and Sets filters quickly narrow results for more refined searching
  • E-book platform contains thumbnail images, page zoom and highlighted text search results
  • Create favorite lists, download, print or share via email for future reference and review
  • Search all Preface and Table of Contents with full text search available for selected titles

Historical Collections Available

  • NEW! North America

  • "America and Great Britain: Diplomatic Relations 1775-1815" is the first Cambridge Archive Editions collection covering North America. It is also the first full color collection. By presenting these documents electronically and in color, much older documents can be reproduced. Color images show the contrast between the copperplate handwriting, often in a brown-based ink, on sepia colored stock.

  • Near & Middle East

  • Britain has a rich history with Middle Eastern countries via its East India Company trade routes up through the Persian Gulf. The British archives have particularly deep veins of material on boundary formation, tribal relations, state development and political relations.

  • Slavic, Balkan & Caucasus

  • Eleven titles in 39 volumes, including maps, covering political and ethnic boundary issues in Albania, Kosovo, Armenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Greece. This valuable historical collection also covers the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and oil resources in Russia and the Caucasus.

  • East & South East Asia

  • Covering the geographic areas of Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and, under the title Straits Settlements, Penang, Singapore, Malacca and Labuan. These titles deliver insight with historic political and economic reports and a sound basis for research of East and South-East Asia.

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The Cambridge Archive Editions imprint, acquired by Cambridge University Press in 2009, has been active for four decades and enjoys high visibility among libraries in many countries.


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