Microform and Imaging Services

East View's extensive micropublishing operations include newspaper microfilming, contract service bureau activity, and preservation of rare historical collections.

Our preservation-quality 35mm positive sliver halide microfilm meets the exacting standards of both the American National Standards Institute and the Association for Information/Image Management. Any East View microfilm, microfiche or full-image CD-ROM comes with a replacement guarantee in the unlikely event that it is defective or arrives damaged in shipment.

East View digitizes valuable primary source materials, including books and other materials, from film, fiche, or print to create full-image products for delivery in an online format or CD. Items that have already been digitized are presented in our catalog. If you would like more information on the prices and processes for digitizing our microfiche products that have not yet been converted, please inquire at microforms@eastview.com.

Periodicals on microfilm
Currently over 300 newspapers and journals from Russia/FSU are available from East View on microfilm or microfiche, by far the most efficient and economical way to archive Russian newspapers, most of which tend to deteriorate rapidly.

East View maintains complete libraries of master images of Russian/FSU newspapers from the 1990s, and offers historical sets from as early as 1917 for certain titles. This allows you to fill in the gaps in your research collection with archival-quality microfilm at competitive prices, free up valuable shelf space, and preserve access to important primary research information.

Scholarly collections and books
East View's micropublications include special research collections of Russian parliamentary records, rare books, statistics, inmate populations, emigration of Jews from Ukraine, the Ukrainian independent press, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and studies on crime prevention. We also offer an extensive collection of Soviet-era military and security literature, including the Order of Battle of the Soviet Army, military dissertations, and once-classified bibliographies and military theory journals. Many of them are also available in pdf format on CD-ROM. Browse our selection of research collections.

Over 6,000 titles-mostly Soviet era military-have been published on microfiche. The Table of Contents may be viewed at Books on Microfiche.

Digital Microfilm Conversion and Hosting
Your microform collections can be scanned, OCR’d, and mounted for your institution’s exclusive use on an IP basis, institution-wide. East View uses state-of-the-art scanning equipment and OCR software, and can convert most common microform types: 35mm or 16mm microfilm (silver, diazo, or vesicular film base) and 105mm microfiche. Find out more about this service or email microforms@eastview.com.

Service bureau activity
East View performs a number of microfilming activities on-site in several Russian and Ukrainian archives under contract. For more information on our capabilities, email microforms@eastview.com

East View is proud to have played a major role in preserving Perestroika-era newspapers so central to Russia's modern heritage. Participation in preservation initiatives such as the Slavic and East European Microform Project (SEEMP) have reinforced East View's capabilities to tackle even the most challenging microfilming and preservation projects, so that deteriorating primary materials of enduring scholarly value remain available for future generations.

Microfilm serial prices
The price of microfilm serials is calculated according to the number of reels. Reel count is listed with price details in the online catalog

East View will adjust the reel count and invoice accordingly if the periodicity or reel count changes.

Price questions? Contact microforms@eastview.com

Shipping Information
Periodicals on microfilm are shipped quarterly to most current subscribers, as production permits. Shipping costs are not included in subscription prices for microform products; please refer to our catalog or inquire for details.

Contact Us
Contact the Microforms and Imaging Department at East View at microforms@eastview.com