South Africa Census Data

Census data provides unparalleled insight into the lives of individuals. South Africa census offerings from East View address a wide range of topics at the highest level of detail possible and offer a premier source of demographic data for academic research.

When initially acquired, the South Africa census data is stored in a complex database structure, only viewable in SuperCROSS software, limiting access to those with significant database management and programming experience. East View simplifies access, formatting the collection into an easy-to-use geodatabase which can be visualized using any GIS software as well as providing a comprehensive guide. Additionally, East View provides the original census documentation, allowing researchers to see first-hand how the data was gathered.

East View offers the following census data for South Africa (see below for details):

  • 2011 Census (GIS Edition)

South Africa 2011 Census

The South Africa 2011 Census has 100% population coverage and over 77 million data points. The product consists of:

  • Geodatabase: Intuitive organization of census data; administrative boundary vector data at ADM 5 (Ward Level) for 84,907 census units
  • Shapefiles: All vector and census data in ESRI Shapefile format
  • Census Guide: Detailed descriptions for 907 census variables
  • Original Census Documentation and Database: Delivered in native format; census questionnaires
  • Metadata: Full attribute level metadata in FGDC ISO format

Census Questions

Below is a representative sample of census questions included in the South Africa 2011 Census.

Demographic: Relationship / Sex / Age / Marital status / Ethnicity

Migration: Place of birth / Citizenship / Duration of residence / Place of previous residence / Usual residence

Social: Literacy / School attendance / Educational attainment / Field of education / Language / Disability

Economic: Activity status / Status in employment / Income / Institutional sector

Housing: Living quarters / Location of living quarters / Occupancy status / Ownership / Rooms / Bedrooms / Water supply system / Drinking water / Toilet / Sewage disposal / Kitchen / Fuel used for cooking / Lighting and/or electricity / Solid waste disposal / Heating / Hot water / Piped gas / Use of housing unit / Occupancy by one or more households / Number of occupants / Building type / Year or period of construction / Dwellings in the building / Information and communications technology devices / Durable household appliances

Transportation: Vehicles owned

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