Latvia Census Data

Census data provides unparalleled insight into the lives of individuals. Latvia census offerings from East View address a wide range of topics at the highest level of detail possible and offer a premier source of demographic data for academic research.

When initially acquired, the census data is stored in a complex database structure, with attribute descriptions in English and Latvian, limiting access to those with significant database management and programming experience. East View simplifies access, formatting the collection into an easy-to-use geodatabase which can be visualized using any GIS software as well as providing a comprehensive guide. Additionally, East View provides the original census documentation, allowing researchers to see first-hand how the data was gathered.

East View offers the following census data for Latvia (see below for details):

  • 2011 Census (GIS Edition)

Latvia 2011 Census

The Latvia 2011 Census has 100% population coverage and over 4 million data points. The product consists of:

  • Geodatabase: Intuitive organization of census data; administrative boundary vector data at ADM 3 (Apkaimes) for 587 census units; vector and aggregated tabular data at the Apkaimes level
  • Shapefiles: All vector and census data in ESRI Shapefile format
  • Census Guide: Detailed descriptions for 6,853 census variables
  • Original Census Documentation and Database: Delivered in native format; census questionnaires
  • Metadata: Full attribute level metadata in FGDC ISO format

Census Questions

Below is a representative sample of census questions included in the Latvia 2011 Census.

Demographic: Relationship / Sex / Birth data and age / Marital status

Migration: Place of birth / Citizenship

Social: Literacy / School attendance / Educational attainment / Religion / Language / Ethnicity and indigenous peoples

Economic: Activity status / Occupation / Industry / Status in employment / Institutional sector / Employment in informal sector / Place of work

Housing: Living quarters / Location of living quarters / Occupancy status / Ownership / Rooms / Bedrooms / Useful floor space / Water supply system / Drinking water / Toilet / Sewage disposal / Bathing facilities / Kitchen / Number of occupants / Building type / Year or period of construction / Characteristics of head or other reference member of household

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