Latin America Census Collection

Census data provides unparalleled insight into the lives of individuals. In the first offering of its kind, East View presents the Latin America Census Collection, an assemblage of authoritative census data from 20 countries across Latin America addressing a wide range of topics. Available for purchase individually by country, or as a group, the Latin America Census Collection is the premier source of demographic data for academic research.

When initially acquired, census data is stored in a complex database structure, limiting access to those with significant database management and programming experience.

East View simplifies access – for each country, official census outputs are analyzed and reviewed through an 18-step process to ensure consistent data formats resulting in easy-to-use geodatabases that are easily navigated and uniform across all countries. In addition, East View produces a comprehensive Census Guide for each country that details how the data is organized, how to search for specific information, and how to visualize the data using a variety of GIS and data visualization software.

The Latin America Census Collection comes complete with full metadata as well as the original census documentation for each country, allowing researchers to see first-hand how the data was gathered.

In addition to GIS data, East View also offers related publications such as official results, questionnaires, enumerator testimonies and other ephemera. Please view the current title list or inquire for details and availability.


Each census product includes:

  • Geodatabase: Intuitive organization of census data; includes administrative boundary vector data
  • Census User Guide: Detailed instructions on how to query and visualize data
  • Original Census Documentation: Delivered in native language of origin country
  • Metadata: Full attribute level metadata in FGDC ISO format

Census Questions

Below is a representative sample of census questions included in the Latin America collection. Please note that not all countries in the Latin America Census Collection ask each of these questions, or to the same level of detail. For country-specific lists of census questions, please contact us.

Demographic: Relationship / Sex / Birth data and age / Marital status / Age at first marriage / Fertility / Mortality

Migration: Place of birth / Citizenship / Duration of residence / Place of previous residence / Year of arrival / Relationship of duration of residence to year of arrival / Usual residence

Social: Literacy / School attendance / Educational attainment / Field of education / Religion / Language / Ethnicity and indigenous peoples / Disability

Economic: Activity status / Time worked / Occupation / Industry / Status in employment / Income / Institutional sector / Employment in informal sector / Place of work

Housing: Living quarters / Location of living quarters / Occupancy status / Ownership / Rooms / Bedrooms / Useful floor space / Water supply system / Drinking water / Toilet / Sewage disposal / Bathing facilities / Kitchen / Fuel used for cooking / Lighting and/or electricity / Solid waste disposal / Heating / Hot water / Piped gas / Use of housing unit / Occupancy by one or more households / Number of occupants / Building type / Year or period of construction / Dwellings in the building / Construction material of outer walls / Construction material of floor, roof / Elevator / Farm building / State of repair / Characteristics of head or other reference member of household / Tenure / Rental and owner-occupant housing costs / Furnished or unfurnished / Information and communications technology devices / Cars / Durable household appliances / Outdoor space

Transportation: Vehicles owned / Primary transportation type

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