Global Census Archive Publications (GCA-PUBS)

East View provides a centralized platform for published content that accompanies the release of a census. Every census has official authoritative elements that East View aggregates, processes and makes discoverable on an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. While the availability and type of materials will vary by country, examples of typical published materials include:

  • Census catalog produced by East View
  • Official Results (Analytical and Tabular)
  • Questionnaires / Survey Forms
  • Maps / Atlases
  • Methodology / Planning / Training
  • Public Awareness
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Journal Articles
  • Conference Materials
  • Academic Books
  • Video / Audio
  • Legislative / Executive / Budgetary

GCA-PUBS Content

GCA-PUBS covers a wide range of publications from a multitude of countries. Download the title list to view available countries and census years. Prices vary by country and census year; contact us for a customized quote.

Note: GCA-PUBS is continually growing, with new countries and census years constantly being sourced. If there is a country you are interested in that does not appear on the title list, please contact us to discuss availability and status.

Census Catalogs

Each census publications product is accompanied by an East View-produced census catalog, which serves as a finding aid and provides historical context for the materials. Sample catalogs can be downloaded below:

Featured Collections

GCA-PUBS Platform

GCA-PUBS is presented on East View’s e-book platform. Features include:

  • All content in PDF format with OCR’d text
  • Quick search entire archive with search in transliteration for all Cyrillic-alphabet languages
  • Virtual keyboard for Arabic, Belarusian, English, Old Russian, Russian, and Ukrainian
  • Display publications in thumbnail, detail, or list views
  • Publications feature brief and detailed metadata, including persistent URLs
  • Citation generator in MLA, APA, Chicago, and RIS formats

The GCA-PUBS platform includes a variety of filter options for easy browsing:

  • Country
  • Census Type: Agriculture, Business/Economy, Household, Population, Industry/Manufacturing, Prison, etc.
  • Census Round: rounds from 1810-2020
  • Levels: National, Provincial, Urban
  • Publication Type: Conference Materials, Legislative/Executive/Budgetary, Maps/Atlases, Methodology/Planning/Training, Official Results (analytical and tabular), Public Awareness, Questionnaires/ Survey Forms
  • Subjects: Age, Births, Citizenship, Disability, Dwellings, Economic Activity, Education, Employment, Ethnicity, Fertility, Indigenous People, Land Plots, Languages, Marital Status, Migration, Mortality, Place of Birth, Religion, Sex/Gender, etc.

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