Global Census Archive Publications (GCA-PUBS)

East View provides a centralized platform for published content that accompanies the release of a census. Every census has official authoritative elements that East View aggregates, processes and makes discoverable on an intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

GCA-PUBS covers a wide range of publications from a multitude of countries. While the availability and type of materials will vary by country, examples of typical published materials include:

  • Official Results (Analytical and Tabular)
  • Questionnaires / Survey Forms
  • Maps / Atlases
  • Methodology / Planning / Training
  • Public Awareness
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Journal Articles
  • Conference Materials
  • Academic Books
  • Video / Audio
  • Legislative / Executive / Budgetary

Also included in GCA-PUBS products:

Download the title list to view available countries and census years. Prices vary by country and census year; contact us for a customized quote.

Note: GCA-PUBS is continually growing, with new countries and census years constantly being sourced. If there is a country you are interested in that does not appear on the title list, please contact us to discuss availability and status.

GCA-PUBS Catalogs

Each GCA-PUBS product is accompanied by an East View-produced census catalog, which serves as a finding aid and provides historical context for the materials. Sample catalogs can be downloaded below:

GCA-PUBS Platform

GCA-PUBS is presented on East View’s e-book platform. Features include:

  • All content in PDF format with OCR’d text
  • Quick search entire archive with search in transliteration for all Cyrillic-alphabet languages
  • Virtual keyboard for Arabic, Belarusian, English, Old Russian, Russian, and Ukrainian
  • Display publications in thumbnail, detail, or list views
  • Publications feature brief and detailed metadata, including persistent URLs
  • Citation generator in MLA, APA, Chicago, and RIS formats

The GCA-PUBS platform includes a variety of filter options for easy browsing:

  • Country
  • Census Type: Agriculture, Business/Economy, Household, Population, Industry/Manufacturing, Prison, etc.
  • Census Round: rounds from 1810-2020
  • Levels: National, Provincial, Urban
  • Publication Type: Conference Materials, Legislative/Executive/Budgetary, Maps/Atlases, Methodology/Planning/Training, Official Results (analytical and tabular), Public Awareness, Questionnaires/ Survey Forms
  • Subjects: Age, Births, Citizenship, Disability, Dwellings, Economic Activity, Education, Employment, Ethnicity, Fertility, Indigenous People, Land Plots, Languages, Marital Status, Migration, Mortality, Place of Birth, Religion, Sex/Gender, etc.

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