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Egypt GIS Census Data

East View offers the following GIS census data for Egypt (see below for details):

  • 2017 Census

GIS census data is available as an easy-to-use geodatabase, complete with a comprehensive East View-produced Census Guide, full metadata, and original census documentation.

In addition to GIS data, the East View Global Census Archive offers related publications such as official results, questionnaires, enumerator testimonies and other ephemera. Please inquire for details and availability.

Egypt 2017 Census (GIS Edition)

The Egypt 2017 Census has 100% population coverage and over 580,000 data points. The product consists of:

  • Geodatabase: Intuitive organization of census data; administrative boundary vector data at ADM 4 (Shyakha level) for 5,890 census units
  • Shapefiles: All vector and census data in ESRI Shapefile format
  • Census Guide: Detailed descriptions for 97 census variables
  • Original Census Documentation: Delivered in native format; census questionnaires
  • Metadata: Full attribute level metadata in FGDC ISO format

Census Questions

Below is a representative sample of census questions included in the Egypt 2017 Census.

Demographic: Sex / Marital status / Age

Social: Literacy / School attendance / Educational attainment

Economic: Activity status / Industry

Housing: Number of households

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