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Slavic, Balkan and Caucasus Collection

Cambridge Archive Editions Online is the first-ever digital presentation of the exceptionally well-known and respected series of British archival reprints.

Cambridge Archive Editions (CAE) identifies, selects, arranges, and describes a wide range of the most important documents from the British Government records to create a true survey of an historical period, political movement, or a country’s development.

The Slavic, Balkan and Caucasus Collection contains 11 titles in 56 volumes, including maps, covering political and ethnic boundary issues in Albania, Kosovo, Armenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Greece. This valuable historical collection also covers the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and oil resources in Russia and the Caucasus.

Slavic, Balkan and Caucasus

Slavic, Balkan and Caucasus Collection Title List

  • Albania and Kosovo: Political and Ethnic Boundaries 1867–1946 (2 vols.)
  • Armenia: Political and Ethnic Boundaries 1878–1948 (2 vols.)
  • Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia: Historical Boundaries 1815–1945 (2 vols.)
  • Caucasian Boundaries: Documents and Maps 1802–1946 (2 vols.)
  • Ethnic Minorities in the Balkan States 1860–1971 (6 vols.)
  • Greece: Ethnicity and Sovereignty 1820–1994 (1 vol.)
  • Montenegro: Political and Ethnic Boundaries 1840–1920 (2 vols.)
  • Oil Resources in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus 1885–1978 (9 vols.)
  • Proceedings Of The Caucasian Archaeographical Commission 1866–1904 (14 vols.)
  • Soviet Union Political Reports 1917–1970 (12 vols.)
  • Yugoslavia: Political Diaries 1918–1965 (4 vols.)

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