Leading Russian-Language NYC Newspaper for Immigrants Digitized

Minneapolis, MN, USA. February 5, 2019Novoe russkoe slovo (New Russian Word), the daily Russian-language newspaper that chronicled news and events for immigrants and émigrés alike in North America for a century, is now available as a digital archive from East View.

Published in New York City from 1910 until 2010, Novoe russkoe slovo transformed itself from a publication initially with Marxist-Leninist leanings into the leading newspaper of the Russian émigré community in North America. Novoe russkoe slovo was instrumental in helping immigrant families in the New World teach their children to read Russian, their mother tongue.

Unlike any other publication, Novoe russkoe slovo both documented and shaped the Russian immigrant experience in the U.S. Circulation peaked for Novoe russkoe slovo in the 1940s as the newspaper began published authors from the USSR as well as the U.S., connecting the Russian Americans hungry for news from a war-wracked and turbulent Motherland in their own language.

Novoe russkoe slovo became the dominant newspaper for Russians in America, introducing feature columns and becoming a sophisticated and lively forum for a varied group of émigré authors, until it ceased publication in 2010.

East View’s Novoe russkoe slovo digital archive covers issues published from 1918-2010, with earlier issues, including more from the predecessor title Russkoe slovo, added when available. The archive includes over 40,000 pages with full page-level digitization, complete original graphics, and searchable text that is cross-searchable with other digital resources from East View.

The Novoe russkoe slovo digital archive is the newest addition to the Global Press Archive (www.eastview.com/resources/gpa), which digitally preserves for Web access newspapers essential for scholarly research in area studies.

For further information on the Novoe russkoe slovo digital archive or the Global Press Archive, please email info@eastview.com.

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