Shelf Ready Journals

How long after new issues of journals arrive does it take for your library to shelve them?

Does your staff spend more time than it should tracking claims?

When preparing to bind your periodical collections at year-end, how often do you find that your collection is incomplete?

East View has designed its shelf-ready journal program to help solve these very issues while you cut your technical processing costs.

This unique service offers libraries complete bound version of the periodicals you need at the end of the year.

  • Prevent the endless tracking and claiming process before it begins
  • Let our serials selectors collect the complete annual editions of the journals you need and bind them according to your standards

This service provides annual collections of shelf-ready academic journals for immediate use by your patrons, saving your staff valuable time while reducing your overall expenses. While we follow Library of Congress standards, other options are available:

  • Call numbers
  • Numerous color and material options
  • Security strips

Strength and durability are key issues in periodical preservation, and East View offers libraries quality journal and periodical binding services as a value-added option with any of our print subscriptions.

This service is particularly useful for those with online subscriptions who wish to have paper copies to ensure preservation. Patrons can have online access to publications during the course of the year, while libraries have the complete bound version in paper and year's end to ensure preservation.

Cut your technical processing costs and order now by contacting East View at