Национальный атлас Арктики
[The National Atlas of the Arctic]

The culmination of years of intensive scientific research, the National Atlas of the Arctic was published in 2017 by Rosreestr Roskartografiia. With 495 pages of maps, illustrations, and text detailing circumpolar Earth above 66° North, this library-quality edition focuses on the Russian Arctic.

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"The geopolitical implications surrounding commercial navigation and mineral development in the Russian Arctic region are profound,” said Kent Lee, East View’s President & CEO. “Sea ice melt has allowed container ships to ply a once unthinkable Northern Sea Route between Asia and Europe for the first time. This makes an authoritative resource like the National Atlas of the Arctic all the more essential for academic and commercial entities alike."

Almost 500 thematic, satellite, and nautical maps in National Atlas of the Arctic’s 22 sections feature vivid and comprehensive overviews of Arctic geography; political subdivisions; and geological, climatic, glaciation and permafrost characteristics of the Arctic Ocean and the northernmost parts of the continents of Asia, Europe, and North America.

Also included are narratives on the history of marine expeditions in the Russian Arctic; its geomorphology, mineral resources, and development potential; climate, ocean, and coastal attributes; permafrost changes; soil characteristics; habitat and natural environment; indigenous populations and social structures; economic development; and an outlook to 2020 for exploration and monitoring via satellite.

Discoveries and Research




Glaciers and Permafrost

State of Environment

Vegetation and Fauna

Moscow, Russia: AO "Roskartografia",
2017. ISBN: 9785952303867. Hardcover.
In Russian. 496 pp. 30 x 42 cm.
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