East View Subscription Terms and Conditions

Editorial Content: The files for East View's online publications come directly from the individual publishers. As a matter of policy, East View does not alter the editorial content in any way. Accordingly, the online and print editions may differ slightly.

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All of East View Information Services' electronic periodical publications are protected by copyright and may not be systematically redistributed, in whole or in part, without written permission. Systematic downloading and e-mailing of articles as well as use of "Web spiders" or any other automated retrieval mechanisms that may burden East View's servers is prohibited. Any use of East View's databases beyond the scope of these Terms and Conditions may be grounds for suspension or termination of access without notice and at East View's sole discretion.

Subscription Category
Redistribution Rights
Individual A private individual

Limited to "Fair Use" redistribution. No systematic commercial or non-commercial redistribution allowed.

Educational Subscription for use by students at an accredited educational establishment or public library. "Fair Use" by library patrons only. No systematic commercial or non-commercial redistribution allowed.


Any corporation, foundation, government agency, or other legal entity. Assumes redistribution within the immediate organization to 1-5 users. Site Licenses required for groups of more than 5 users.

"Fair Use"

Non-Profit, and Commercial redistribution permitted with written permission.

East View Recognizes Three Types of Redistribution:

  1. That which falls under the "Fair Use" doctrine, and which is by its essence neither systematic nor commercial in nature. For example, this type of redistribution occurs when two scholars are conversing via e-mail and one sends an excerpt of a publication in support of a specific professional discussion. In this case East View makes no pretense for enforcing copyrights.
  2. There is redistribution which is non-commercial but systematic, such as with a free list-serve publication, whereby copyrighted materials are routinely included.
  3. There is redistribution which is both commercial and systematic.

It is these latter two types of redistribution that our copyright policy concerns itself.

Non-Commercial Redistribution

Customers of East View's electronic publications may redistribute them for non-commercial purposes only under the following conditions:

  • Subscribe to the publication being redistributed at the appropriate Corporate/Institutional rate.
  • Send East View your mailing list on an annual basis or have EVIS's product/contact information posted in your material on a regular basis.
  • Sample: "Materials republished from products and services originally made available by East View Information Services. E-mail: eastview@eastview.com URL: www.eastview.com"
  • Include East View on your subscription list.
  • Leave all copyright notices intact.

Commercial Redistribution

Before a customer redistributes content for commercial purposes, either online or in print, they are required to contact East View directly. Commercial arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis. East View represents various editorial boards with different prices and policies, all of which are subject to change without notice, so universal conditions cannot be specified in advance.