Approval Plan for E-Books

East View’s approval plan is the best way to add new titles from Russia and other countries of the former USSR, Eastern Europe, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, achieving your collection development goals while saving you money. East View will work with you to meet the unique needs and exacting specifications of your researchers.

What is an East View E-Book Approval Plan?

East View’s e-book approval plan is similar to approval plans for print publications, but with the ease of online access.

How does it work?

Libraries complete a profile containing general parameters (country, language, formats of publications, special instructions, etc.), subject parameters, or publisher sets. E-books that fall within the profile and according to the designated budget are made accessible, at intervals determined by the library. Your institution receives discounts based upon the size of the approval plan.

With many years of experience in serving academic libraries with print materials, East View recognizes the importance of establishing precise, yet flexible parameters to ensure the best quality material and services. East View’s return rate for approval plans is consistently less than 2%.

Selection and Coverage

Approval plan customers have a range of subject areas to choose from: from science to literature and linguistics, from geography to history, etc. We also offer approval plans for atlases, statistics publications, modern or popular fiction, and scholarly titles. Two special e-book collections: Russian Essential Classics and The Early Soviet Cinema: An E-book Collection ( download the current list of titles) are specially curated.

E-Books from Russia and Ukraine

East View has created an e-book platform within on our Universal Database interface which allows users to find the e-books of interest by selecting from filters: Subject, Publisher, Year. Or simply enter the title, ISBN, Author, East View Product #, and more, to find the book of interest. A pdf image of the book is viewed through an Adobe Acrobat plugin, with searchable text.

Find out more about the titles available through East View's E-book platform by visiting our e-books title list page or sending an email to your East View representative.

Chinese E-Book Approval Plan

East View offers an approval plan through the Apabi E-Books Database, a constantly growing library of nearly half a million fill-image/full-text e-book titles from nearly 500 Chinese publishers. Titles are primarily recently published works, although holdings begin from 1949.

Find out more about the titles available in Apabi E-Books by visiting our e-books title list page or sending an email to your East View representative.

Unmatched Value and Customer Service

Bibliographic records in USMARC format are supplied free of charge to approval plan customers upon request.

Contact us to establish subject and non-subject parameters at no obligation or cost. Send an email to or call us at 952-252-1201 (toll free: 800-477-1005).

The Chinese E-Book Approval Plan through Apabi E-books

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