The Complete Treasury of Chinese Fine Art

A remarkable multimedia collection of Chinese art

The Complete Treasury of Chinese Fine Art (中国美术全集) presents the history of the arts in Chinese culture from ancient China through the Qing Dynasty. Its multimedia format is a rewarding experience for collectors, students, and researchers. The collection details 50,000 works, including imperial masterpieces and folk paintings, and photos of ancient temples, monasteries, graves and grottoes—featuring over 15,000 images, many with close-ups of significant details.

The Complete Treasury of Chinese Fine Art is divided into five categories: paintings, calligraphy and seal cutting, sculpture, architecture and craft. In the categories of sculpture and architecture, classical works of all the past Chinese dynasties are collected, including stone cave sculpture, temple and monastery sculpture, tomb sculpture, palace architecture, mausoleum architecture, religious architecture, civilian architecture, and altar and court architecture. In the category of craft, the most famous and finest wares of pottery, porcelain, bronze, jade and lacquer are featured. Scholarly articles comment on the importance of each work, the historical evolution of genres and individual artists. The multimedia features include video, voice commentary, music, and animation.

The Complete Treasury of Chinese Fine Art is produced by United Digital Publications of Taiwan, formerly known as Greatman Knowledge Management Group, and is available as a 50-disc CD-ROM set. Please inquire for more details.

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