War in Syria: Russian Press Coverage, 2015-2017

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Minneapolis, MN, USA. February 15, 2018—East View Press (www.eastviewpress.com), the publishing division of East View Information Services, announces the publication of War in Syria: Russian Press Coverage, 2015-2017. The book is an anthology of carefully selected articles from the Russian press on the conflict in Syria covering Russia’s concerns, motivations, and strategy.

If there was ever conflict that epitomizes Thomas Hobbes’ famous line from Leviathan “the war of all against all,” it is the current war in Syria. The conflict saw its beginnings in 2011 growing out of the protests sweeping through the larger Arab world known as the Arab Spring. Some of the most significant direct results of the conflict were the birth of ISIS, the near total destruction of Syria’s important urban centers, and the subsequent refugee crisis that has engulfed Turkey, the European Union, Russia, and the United States.

Since September 2015 Russian involvement has been significant, with boots on the ground effectively turning the tide in the war and securing Bashar Al-Assad’s presidency. But despite extensive coverage of the war in the U.S. and Europe, Western audiences are often left to guess as to Russia’s strategic and tactical goals, lost in the sea of problems between Russia and the United States.

The present volume seeks to remedy the existing informational imbalance, by bringing to Western audiences articles of note authored by Russian journalists and analysts (and translated by East View), which have shaped the Syrian war discourse in Russia. The book thus is a go-to resource of primary sources for Western analysts, researchers, and general audiences trying to understand and piece together Russia’s view of the conflict in Syria and its underlying geopolitical and strategic dynamics as understood by the Russians themselves.

For more information or to order a copy, visit www.eastviewpress.com/Books/WarInSyria.aspx .

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