East View Press Publishes Eye-Opening New Memoir from Belarusian Politician

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., USA – March 17, 2016 – East View Press is proud to announce the publication of an important new memoir from Andrei Sannikov, a leading Belarusian opposition politician.

The book, titled My Story: Belarusian Amerikanka or Elections Under Dictatorship, details the journey of Andrei Sannikov, who went from serving as deputy foreign minister, to opposition politician and presidential candidate, to behind bars and working in a labor colony.

In My Story, Sannikov goes into detail about why he broke with Alexander Lukashenko in 1996, and later, what drove him to seek the Belarusian presidency, leading readers through the 2010 political campaign, and ultimately to the aftermath, when he was arrested immediately following the election and forced to spend 16 months in and out of different Belarusian prison camps. Sannikov details the personal and psychological abuse he endured at the hands of the KGB and labor colony staff, as well as the government's persecution of his family and friends. The book closes with Sannikov's release, juxtaposing first-hand accounts with international press coverage.

Featuring a unique mix of personal narrative and political argumentation, My Storyprovides revelations about the day-to-day experiences of life in a Belarusian KGB prison camp, as well as personal anecdotes from Sannikov's life. Sannikov's family and friends are introduced, and readers are also given greater understanding of his motivations for running for president. Even a "fairy tale" Sannikov wrote for his young son while in prison is included in the memoir.

My Story provides an important glimpse into the political and judicial systems of a country that is often referred to as "Europe's last dictatorship." As Daniel Runde writes in his Foreign Policy review of the book, "My Story is a mix of One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and The Case for Democracy, by Natan Sharansky. I recommend that everyone read this important book. It reminds us that the West, and especially the United States, needs to be a voice for democracy, and that there are many people who yearn to live in a 'normal country,' and depend on our support."

My Story is available for purchase in English, Russian and Belarusian. For more information, including links to purchase, please visit the East View Press website.

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