East View Information Services Launches New Products for Public Libraries

Minneapolis, MN, USA. March 13, 2008 — East View Information Services (EVIS) is pleased to announce that it has compiled several online and print products especially for public libraries. The official unveiling of these products will occur at the Public Library Association's annual conference being held in Minneapolis March 25-28.

Since EVIS was founded in 1989, several large public libraries have relied on EVIS for books and periodicals from Russia, countries of the former USSR, and now from Central/Eastern Europe. In 2001, EVIS began offering Chinese books and periodicals. All along, EVIS has built and hosted numerous online databases of Russian and Chinese publications in native and English language.

An internal effort was launched within EVIS in 2007 to create a suite of products for public libraries. The products include: a 35 and 50 book set comprised of literary genres from Russia; a must-have list of six print periodicals; four databases comprised of Russian, Ukrainian and English-language content.

According to Dima Frangulov, Vice President of EVIS, "The products we are bringing to the public library market are sourced for patrons of Russian, Chinese or Ukrainian heritage. We are very excited to offer librarians in communities across the country access to materials that will be both familiar and welcome to these sub-segments of their patron community. Most importantly, the product packages have been compiled and priced to make the decision for the librarian an easy one."

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