East View sponsors PAM International Membership Award for Mandy Taha at the 2008 SLA Annual Conference in Seattle

Minneapolis, MN, USA. June 3, 2008 —East View Information Services, a leading provider of information resources from Russia, China and other countries of Eurasia, today announced its continued sponsorship of the Special Library Association (SLA) Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics Division’s "2007-2008 PAM International Membership Award". Mandy Taha, this year’s award recipient, will be attending the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Annual Conference in Seattle, June 15-18, 2007.

The PAM International Membership Award is presented to a librarian from a newly industrialized or developing country who is currently working at a library or in another information-related capacity, in a subject area relevant to PAM. The librarian has the opportunity to build information exchanges and connect with colleagues in SLA and in the PAM division.

“We truly appreciate East View's sponsorship of this very important PAM award,” said Karen L. Andrews, Head of the Physical Sciences & Engineering Library at the University of California, Davis. “Having the international member come to the conference is a highlight for us, and it wouldn't happen without the sponsorship. This has been a very rewarding exchange and relationship. Prior PAM International Awardees have continued to communicate with PAM members via the listserv, keeping us informed of events and librarianship in their countries, and tapping member expertise as needed. The PAM International Award fosters lifetime relationships of mutual benefit to all.”

“We’re delighted to once again sponsor this award, which highlights the importance of access to information in newly industrialized and developing countries. Information exchanges lead to knowledge awareness, which leads to technological advancement. At East View we are committed to fostering the exchange of knowledge around the world," said Kent D. Lee, President and CEO of East View Information Services.

Mandy Taha, who is Senior Research Services Librarian at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt, will present a report about the library of Alexandria and its goals and services as a public and research library at the annual meeting in June 2008.

More information about the PAM International Membership Award, first granted in 1999, may be found here: http://units.sla.org/division/dpam/pam-bulletin/vol34/no3/pamint.htm

East View Information Services will exhibit at the SLA Annual Conference 2008 at Booth 549.

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About Mandy Taha

Mandy Taha, Senior Research Services Librarian at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria in Egypt. In her role at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina at the Reference Service unit, Mandy has worked with many users from all walks of life; school and university students, professors and researchers, library staff, government officials, the general public as well as a great number of library professionals state and nationwide. In the upcoming months, Mandy will prepare a short report about the library of Alexandria and its goal and services as a public and research library to be presented to the membership at the annual meeting in June 2008.

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