East View Releases Its Third Arabic E-Book Collection featuring Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers

For Immediate Release

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., USA – October 14, 2013 – A new e-book collection of rare Arabic titles by important, highly valued thinkers, philosophers, historians, politicians, and theologians is now available exclusively from East View Information Services (www.eastview.com). The Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers Collection includes over 5,000 new and rare titles essential for the understanding of Arab history, philosophy, theology, and politics.

East View, and its Egypt-based partner, Kotobarabia, worked with the publishers to secure e-book rights and then produced each e-book as a faithful rendition of the original print title, all scanned from original editions. The content is mostly in Arabic, with metadata in both Arabic and English transliteration. The collection is hosted in the United States and is available on East View’s Universal Database E-Book platform, with an English language interface.

“The Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers Collection includes writings and never before seen works of many great Arab scientists, teachers and thinkers,” said Kent D. Lee, President & CEO of East View Information Services. “It also includes writings from Al Azhar University in Cairo which has long been viewed as the Islamic institution most responsible for the modernization of Islamic thought in the Arab world.”

The Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers Collection includes:

  • Writings from the Four Imams of the Sunni Sect: Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malek, Imam Ahmed Ibn Hambal, and Imam Al-Shafee. Their fatwas are considered the cornerstones of Sunni thought and practice.
  • Topics such as feminism, evolution, modern medicine, political reforms, including the Orabi Revolution, education, arts, religion, and more.
  • Rare writings from the Egyptian former Royal Family.

The Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers Collection is an essential resource for any library committed to Middle Eastern studies. For more information, contact info@eastview.com.

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