East View Launches Global Press Archive™

For Immediate Release

Minneapolis, MN, USA. June 23, 2017—East View Information Services is pleased to announce the launch of Global Press Archive™. Global Press Archive will present hundreds of global newspapers as searchable online archives, covering a diverse range of languages and countries. Many of the publications will be available as comprehensive archives for the first time and the effort will collectively present immense new value for scholarly research.

Global Press Archive will present major newspapers from key regions of the globe, as well as lesser-known and previously hard-to-find titles, and will be a robust mix of titles in English and a great variety of foreign languages. The effort is largely based on East View’s recently announced partnership with Stanford University Libraries and the Hoover Institution Library & Archive to digitize some 25 million pages of rare newspapers (www.eastview.com/pressreleases/rarenewspaperspr). In conjunction with key partners worldwide, Global Press Archive will result in the largest and most diverse collection of digitized international newspapers.

East View is committed to working with academic institutions and publishers to preserve and provide access to key international newspapers in full-image searchable databases. While many newspaper digitization programs have focused on out-of-copyright, Western-language content, East View will be collaborating with publishers to make available in-copyright, vernacular-language content from around the globe.

East View is interested in collaborating with academic institutions to preserve and provide access to their collections, including development of commercial, open access, or private databases that can balance available funding with potential for cost recovery.

To celebrate the launch of Global Press Archive, East View is offering a discount on all digitized newspaper products through the end of 2017. Please contact your sales representative for more information. For further information on newspaper digitization initiatives contact Bryan Benilous, Director Newspaper Products Division (bryan.benilous@eastview.com).

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