East View Publishes Online Election Ephemera Collections from Emerging Democracies

For Immediate Release

Minneapolis, MN, USA. October 22, 2013—A vast and rich array of primary-source materials from presidential and parliamentary election campaigns in the countries of the former Soviet Union is now available exclusively from East View Information Services ( www.eastview.com) in the Election Ephemera Online Collection. The process of analyzing electoral politics in emerging democracies has never been easier.

“East View has systematically collected and classified elusive election-related materials by deploying on-the-ground staff to the sites of rallies and election events,” said Dima Frangulov, Vice President of East View Information Services. “Academics are able to dedicate more time to analysis and less time on information gathering and cost-prohibitive fieldwork.”

East View’s Election Ephemera Collection contains thousands of rare source materials, many of them one-of-a-kind, produced by various parties in the election process:

  • Election programs and party charters
  • Photographs of opposition rallies
  • Leaflets and handouts
  • Posters and brochures
  • And much more

This wealth of primary sources is accessed via an easy-to-use interface with most objects in PDF format. East View has classified and digitally preserved thousands of items in an electronically searchable database, arranged by country, type of object and source.

New collections are added regularly; current offerings include elections such as:

  • Belarus Presidential Election, 2010
  • Russia State Duma Election, 2011
  • South Ossetia Presidential Election, 2012
  • Russia Presidential Election, 2012
  • Ukraine Parliamentary Election, 2012
  • Georgia Parliamentary Election, 2012 (upcoming)

The Election Ephemera Collections series is a unique tool to understand the dynamic and still-evolving post-Soviet political landscape. For more information, contact info@eastview.com.

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