East View Partnering with CLOCKSS Long-term Digital Repository Program

For Immediate Release

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., USA – April 25, 2011 – East View Information Services (www.eastview.com), a leading provider of high-quality information products and services in world languages and English translation, is pleased to announce a landmark digital preservation agreement to ensure the long-term accessibility of database content in partnership with the CLOCKSS program.

East View is the first aggregator to archive content with CLOCKSS. East View began offering aggregated content on its online Universal Database™ platform in 1996. The aggregations include newspapers, journals, and other publications from Russia, Ukraine, other countries of the former Soviet Union, China, and the Middle East. East View recognizes there is a need for major archiving solutions like CLOCKSS for vernacular publications to ensure the long-term survival of digital content and preserve access for libraries and subscribers notwithstanding natural disasters, the vagaries of business and other unforeseeable events that may occur at any point in the future.

All content on East View’s Universal Database™ platform will continue to have appropriate copyright and access protections, while East View has taken the step to ensure long-term subscriber accessibility via CLOCKSS technology. The CLOCKSS initiative was born at Stanford University and its sponsors include the National Science Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and its oversight board includes publishers and libraries alike.

"East View recognizes that as more institutions turn to online content in addition to or in place of print, they are looking for assurances of permanent access,” said Kent D. Lee, founder and CEO. “East View offers online solutions for most print subscriptions, including complete digital retrospectives of publications such as Pravda and Izvestiia. East View also offers custom conversion services for libraries, allowing them to access their own newspaper collections online via our Universal Database™ platform. We recognize that librarians build collections today but must ensure the future availability of today’s intellectual, cultural and historical content. East View’s decision to partner with CLOCKSS is natural, ensuring that libraries have a true preservation solution and permanent access to digital collections.”


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CLOCKSS (Controlled LOCKSS) (http://www.lockss.org/clockss/) is a not-for-profit joint venture between the world’s leading scholarly publishers and research libraries whose mission is to build a sustainable, geographically distributed dark archive with which to ensure the long-term survival of Web-based scholarly publications for the benefit of the greater global research community.

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