North Carolina State University & East View Information Services Showcase Chinese Content

Minneapolis, MN, USA. April 4, 2008 —The NCSU Libraries recently became the first library in North America to acquire the complete set of China Academic Journals (CAJ) available from East View Information Services, the market’s leading purveyor of scholarly, news, government, and financial information services from the countries of the former Soviet Union and China.

Portions of East View’s Chinese journal collection have previously been available at a few American universities, but NC State now offers access to the entire range of 7,200 journals, encompassing more than 23 million full-text articles. Both current issues and backfiles are represented in the database, which covers subjects such as engineering, information science, agriculture, biology, medicine, literature, history, economic, politics, law, education, and social science.

NC State Professor and History Department Head Jonathan Ocko said, "The purchase of this database is the best thing that the library has done in my thirty years at NCSU to support my research. It gives us access to just about every scholarly journal in China in every conceivable field. For my part, I now have access online to a number of journals that were available in the U.S. often only at the Library of Congress."

According to Kent Lee, CEO of East View Information Services, "NCSU’s commitment to the full CAJ collection shows the prominent rise in Asian Studies throughout North America and showcases East View’s commitment to be the premier Asian content provider to universities, libraries, government agencies and commercial entities."
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