Declassified KGB Documents on the Chernobyl Disaster, Now Online

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Minneapolis, MN, USA. April 25, 2017—East View Information Services, Inc., a market leader in delivering information resources from around the world, announces the online launch of The Chernobyl Files, a comprehensive collection of declassified documents that provides researchers with an in-depth look at the corruption, incompetence and cover up surrounding the world’s most disastrous nuclear accident – the explosion of Reactor No. 4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant on April 26, 1986 in Pripyat, Ukraine.

Much has been written on the accident, the structural shortcomings of the plant, the missteps of the disaster management operations and the subsequent cover-up by Soviet authorities. Yet, even 30 years after the disaster, a definitive account of the Chernobyl tragedy seems to be lacking, if only because so many of the key government documents and other relevant materials were classified and beyond the reach of academics.

Until now. Legislation passed in Ukraine last year now makes open to the public documents from the archives of the Security Service of Ukraine, including content related to the Chernobyl accident. East View has completely digitized 150 of these formerly classified documents – over 500 pages of material – and offers them as full-image, text searchable files. With material dating from 1971 to 1991, researchers have a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the causes, management and aftermath of the disaster.

“The recently declassified documents into the causes and the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster make additional research not only possible but urgent,” says Kent D. Lee, President & CEO of East View Information Services. “The documents give researchers, policy-makers, environmentalists and nuclear industry insiders unprecedented insight, shedding light on the previously obscure Ukrainian and Soviet decision-making process surrounding the disaster.”

The Chernobyl Files collection contains reports prepared for and by a variety of Soviet and Ukrainian government agencies, such as the KGB, documenting and detailing the most important developments in the wake of the disaster, as well as internal reports and investigations on its various causes,” says Dima Frangulov, Vice President of East View Information Services. “These include problems with the design of the nuclear power plant, and the extent of Soviet and Ukrainian government knowledge on many of the shortcomings that made the Chernobyl meltdown not only possible but, in a sense, inevitable.”

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