East View Information Services Unveils New Asian Content to North American Information Professionals

Minneapolis, MN, USA. June 13, 2008 —East View Information Services (www.eastview.com), a leading provider of high-quality information products and services in foreign languages and English translation, announces several new best-in-class Asian online resources.

As a complement to East View’s longstanding and successful partnership with Tongfang Knowledge Network of Beijing, producer of the China National Knowledge Infrastructure, East View is debuting the following resources for academic libraries, government and research organizations, corporations and the legal community:

  1. China Data Center at the University of Michigan (CDC): CDC is the leader in value-added solutions for Chinese demographic and statistical information. CDC offers comprehensive sets of current and historical data from China, including unprecedented data down to the township level, and provides online subscription and ownership solutions. Data are served in tabular format for export and analysis, or as shape files for GIS applications.
  2. Apabi eBooks: Apabi offers over 400,000 eBook titles, covering social science, humanities, economics, literature, history, popular science, etc. Content ranges from 1949-current.
  3. Apabi Chinese Fine Arts Databases: Apabi’s new series of Chinese fine arts databases present nearly 30,000 works from China’s leading museums in high-quality graphic display. Easily accessible online and categorized in detail, including 26 central genres, the database is the culmination of a 10-year long cultural project of great importance in China. From fine arts to calligraphy, the easy-to-use Apabi interface makes this dynamic body of content accessible to the widest possible audience.
  4. Chinalawinfo.com and LawinfoChina.com: The most comprehensive and authoritative databases of Chinese laws and regulations. Up-to-the-minute content available in parallel Chinese and English versions; English translations are top-quality. Easy-to-use interface, reliable platform, and depth of content make this a premier resource for understanding China’s changing legal landscape.
  5. EOL ESPer: EOL covers 4,000 publicly traded companies, and over 1,000 privately held firms in this English-interface product that presents annual reports, compliance filings, company and management profiles. Corporate financial data are downloadable in Excel format for easy application in case studies, etc.

Kent Lee, East View’s CEO: "The need for Asian content among scholars, corporations, government entities, law firms and professional researchers of all kinds has never been in greater demand. East View Information Services has built its two decade reputation on acquiring, building and hosting datasets like these. We have never been more excited about what we can offer our numerous customer segments."

For more information, contact East View at info@eastview.com.

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