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Product # Title Status ISSN Country City Freq. Language Price
P12027 InfoTEK Active n/a Russia Moskva 12 Russian $2,550.00
P10605 Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe polozhenie Rossii Active n/a Russia Moskva 12 Russian $1,034.00
P53039 Statisticki podaci o privrednim/gospodarskim i drugim kretanjima u Federaciji BiH Active n/a Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo 4 Bosnian $1,009.00
P5052 Statistika SNG. Statisticheskii biulleten' Active n/a Russia Moskva 24 Russian $999.00
P52994 China's Customs Statistics (Export/Import-Monthly) Active n/a China; Hong Kong Hong Kong 12 English $977.00
P10948 Bulletin of Banking Statistics Active n/a Russia Moskva 12 English $830.00
930217P Avtobiznes Active n/a Russia Nizhnii Novgorod 10 Russian $760.00
P51456 Kyrgyz Respublikasynyn sotsialdyk-ekonomikalyk abaly = Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe polozhenie Kyrgyzskoi Respubliki Active n/a Kyrgyzstan Bishkek 12 Russian; Kirghiz $754.00
2001333P Bulletin Statistickeho Uradu Slovenskej Republiky Active n/a Slovakia 12 Slovak $747.00
P53870 Mesecni statisticki pregled Active n/a Serbia Beograd 12 Serbian(roman) $712.00
P12014 Biulleten' Schetnoi palaty Rossiiskoi Federatsii Active n/a Russia Moskva 12 Russian $663.00
2001266P International Journal of Statistics and Systems (IJSS) Active 0973-2675 India Delhi 4 English $640.00
P53403 Gospodarka Materialowa I Logistyka Active 1231-2037 Poland 12 Polish $611.00
965447P Zhonggong Nianjian(Yingwen Ban) Active 1000-9396 China 1 English $605.00
P14903 Statisticheskii biulleten' Active n/a Russia Moskva 10 Russian $597.00
2003208P Tokei geppo Active 0389-9675 Japan Tokyo 12 Japanese $586.00
P53686 Czso Monthly Statistics Ceased 1214-1461 Czech Republic Prague 12 English; Czech $554.00
784892P Bulletin of Banking Statistics. Regional Supplement Active n/a Russia Moskva 4 English $549.00
811348P Meditsinskaia statistika i orgmetodrabota v uchrezhdeniiakh zdravookhraneniia Active n/a Russia Moskva 12 Russian $522.00
874589P Tong Ji Yu Juece Active 1002-6487 China 24 Chinese $508.00
P53335 Biuletyn Statystyczny Active 0006-4025 Poland Warszawa 12 Polish $503.00
P14032 Informatsiia o sotsial'no-ekonomicheskom polozhenii Rossii Active n/a Russia Moskva 12 Russian $489.00
P21331 Latvijas makroekonomiskie raditaji Active 1407-0014 Latvia Riga 4 Latvian; Russian $469.00
P14309 Sinteza monetara Ceased n/a Moldova Chisinau 12 Moldovan $462.00
P10394 Tamozhennaia statistika vneshnei torgovli Rossiiskoi Federatsii Ceased n/a Russia Moskva 4 Russian $406.00
784889P Biulleten' bankovskoi statistiki. Regional'noe prilozhenie Suspended n/a Russia Moskva 4 Russian $382.00
P21324 Kazakhstan i strany SNG Active n/a Kazakhstan Almaty 4 Russian $369.00
P5054 Voprosy statistiki Active 0320-8168 Russia Moskva 12 Russian $365.00
P51457 Kyrgyz respublikasy zhana regiondoru = Kyrgyzskaia Respublika i regiony Active n/a Kyrgyzstan Bishkek 4 Russian; Kirghiz $355.00
P20432 Statisticheskii biulleten' Ceased n/a Belarus Minsk 4 Russian $342.00
P12876 Revue roumana de statist Active n/a Romania Bukharest 12 Romanian $336.00
P14308 Buletin trimestrial Ceased n/a Moldova Chisinau 4 Moldovan $332.00
962923P Statisztikai Szemle Active 0039-0690 Hungary Budapest 12 Hungarian $331.00
P14251 Kazakstan respublikasynyn Karzhy ministrligi Active n/a Kazakhstan Almaty 12 Kazakh; Russian $326.00
P14252 Kazakstan ulttyk banki Active n/a Kazakhstan Almaty 12 Kazakh; Russian $326.00
P13618 Belorusskii ekonomicheskii zhurnal Active n/a Belarus Minsk 4 Russian $319.00
837474P Statisticheski izvestiia Active n/a Bulgaria Sofiia 12 Bulgarian $319.00
P48201 Journal of the Korean Statistical Society Active 1226-3192 Korea, South 4 English $317.00
P10256 Current Statistical Survey Ceased n/a Russia Moskva 4 English $316.00
770223P Bibliografia Nationala - Note muzicale, discuri, casete Ceased n/a Romania Bukharest 4 Romanian $310.00
770227P Buletin statistic lunar Active 1123-7507 Romania Bukharest 12 Romanian $307.00
963542P Zhongguo Renkou Ziyuan Yu Huanjing Active 1002-2104 China 12 Chinese $306.00
P10257 Statisticheskoe obozrenie Active n/a Russia Moskva 4 English; Russian $305.00
P456 Statisticheskii press-biulleten' Ceased n/a Russia Moskva 3 Russian $299.95
P21329 Statisticheskoe obozrenie Kazakhstana Ceased n/a Kazakhstan Almaty 4 English; Russian $299.00
770222P Bibliografia Nationala a Romaniei - carti, albume, harti Ceased 1221-9126 Romania Bukharest 24 Romanian $290.00
P53638 Wiadomosci Statystyczne Active 0043-518X Poland Warszawa 12 Polish $289.00
P10110 Latvijas statistikas ikmēneša biļetens Active 1407-0006 Latvia Riga 12 English; Latvian $284.00
770228P Revista romana de statistica Active 1018-046x Romania Bukharest 12 Romanian $281.00
806290P Iran Statistical Yearbook Active n/a Iran Tehran 1 English $279.00
P20278 Reference Book of Population Statistics/Rahvastikustatistika Teatmik Ceased n/a Estonia Tallinn 4 English; Estonian $279.00
770226P Buletin statistic de preturi Active 1221-7050 Romania Bukharest 12 Romanian $266.00
P5051 Informatsionnyi biulleten' Statkomiteta SNG Active n/a Russia Moskva 6 Russian $266.00
958677P Zhongguo Gaige Nianjian Active 1005-8036 China 1 Chinese $262.00
770224P Buletin statistic de Comert international Active 1223-0510 Romania Bukharest 12 English; Romanian $261.00
770225P Buletin statistic - Industrie Active 1223-0502 Romania Bukharest 12 English; Romanian $261.00
P53707 Demografie Active 0011-8265 Czech Republic Praha 4 Czech $259.00
959100P Zhongguo Tongji Nianjian Active n/a China 1 Chinese $259.00
846291P Romanian Journal of Population Studies Active 1843-5998 Romania Cluj-Napoca 2 English $250.00
928265P Journal of Iranian Statistical Society Active 1726-4057 Iran Tehran 2 English $247.00
928024P Ekonomicheskie i sotsial'nye peremeny: fakty, tendentsii, prognoz Active 1998-0698 Russia Vologda 4 Russian; English $243.00
P15914 Statystyka Ukrainy Active n/a Ukraine Kiev 4 Ukrainian $239.00
P13347 Foreign Trade of Latvia Ceased n/a Latvia Riga 4 English; Latvian $239.00
875786P Zhongguo Jingji Nianjian Active 1006-561x China Beijing 1 Chinese $235.00
P53736 Statistika = Economy and statistics journal Active 0322-788X Czech Republic Praha 4 English $232.00
P15252 Informatsiinii biuleten' ministerstva statistiki Ukraini Ceased n/a Ukraine Uzhgorod 12 Ukrainian $221.00
965606P Zhongguo Renwu Nianjian Active 1008-1771 China 1 Chinese $211.00
938035P Zhurnal institutsional'nykh issledovanii Active 2076-6297 Russia Rostov-na-Donu 4 Russian $205.00
962848P Ksh Jelenti Active 1219-6754 Hungary Budapest 4 Hungarian $198.00
P14092 Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe polozhenie Severo-Zapadnogo federal'nogo okruga Active n/a Russia Moskva 4 Russian $197.00
P14095 Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe polozhenie IUzhnogo federal'nogo okruga Active n/a Russia Moskva 4 Russian $197.00
P14033 Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe polozhenie TSentral'nogo federal'nogo okruga Active n/a Russia Moskva 4 Russian $197.00
P14097 Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe polozhenie Dal'nevostochnogo federal'nogo okruga Active n/a Russia Moskva 4 Russian $197.00
P14096 Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe polozhenie Sibirskogo federal'nogo okruga Active n/a Russia Moskva 4 Russian $197.00
P14093 Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe polozhenie Ural'skogo Federal'nogo okruga Active n/a Russia Moskva 4 Russian $197.00
P14094 Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoe polozhenie Privolzhskogo federal'nogo okruga Active n/a Russia Moskva 4 Russian $197.00
P51455 Ekonomika i statistika Suspended 1694-5128 Kyrgyzstan Bishkek 4 Russian $189.00
P6908 Ekonomika i statistika Ceased n/a Uzbekistan Tashkent 12 Russian $179.00
P12642 Situatia Sotsial - Eonomika A Republitsii Moldova Suspended n/a Moldova Kishinev 4 Moldovan; Russian $154.00
P16148 Biuleten' ekonomichnoi kon'iukturi Ukraini Suspended n/a Ukraine Kiev 4 English; Ukrainian $149.00
P6905 Iktisod va khisobot Ceased n/a Uzbekistan Tashkent 12 Uzbek(Roman) $149.00
856845P Slovensko statistika a demografia Active n/a Slovakia Bratislava 4 Slovak $147.00
772262P Brunei Darussalam Statistical Yearbook Active n/a Indonesia 1 Indonesian $145.00
P52980 Annual Survey of Establishments: Health and Social Work Establishments Active 0116-2659 Philippines Manila 1 English $145.00
P52995 Hong Kong Annual Digest of Statistics Active n/a China; Hong Kong Hong Kong 1 English $145.00
956119P Statistika Active 1310-7410 Bulgaria Sofiia 4 Bulgarian $142.00
P13346 Economic Development of Latvia Ceased n/a Latvia Riga 2 English $139.00
P14784 Buletini statistikor 3-mujor Active n/a Albania Tirane 4 English; Albanian $138.00
962754P Demografia Active 0011-8249 Hungary Budapest 4 Hungarian $124.00
P20178 Statisticheskii informatsionnyi biulleten' Ceased n/a Moldova Kishinev 4 Russian $119.00
P36187 Zhongguo yiyuan tongji Active 10065253 China Shangdong 6 Chinese $115.00
P34823 Yingyong gailutongji Active 1001-4268 China Shanghai 6 Chinese $108.00
P14785 Konjuktura Active n/a Albania Tirane 4 English; Albanian $98.00
2036527P Sathiti setthakit lae kanngoen Active 1513-7910 Thailand Bangkok 6 Thai; English $96.00
P931 CIS External Trade: Quarterly Statistics Ceased n/a Russia Moskva 4 English $95.00
P920 Vneshneekonomicheskie sviazy gosudarstv Sodruzhestva Nezavisimykh Gosudarstv Ceased n/a Russia Moskva irreg. Russian -
P10976 Statisticheskii biulleten' - Federal'naia migratsionnaia sluzhba Rossii Renamed n/a Russia Moskva 2 Russian $89.95
P54398 Naselenie Active 0205-0617 Bulgaria Sofiia 2 Bulgarian $80.00
P20618 Vneshneekonomicheskaia deiatel'nost' predpriiatii i organizatsii Kryma Suspended n/a Ukraine Simferopol' 1 Russian $77.00
P17061 Druk Ukrainy Active n/a Ukraine Kiev 1 Ukrainian $76.00
P34514 Huaqiao huaren ziliao jianji Active n/a China 6 Chinese $64.00
P51788 Thematic Household Survey Report Active n/a China; Hong Kong Hong Kong 1 English $58.00
P20125 Kompas-Kazakhstan Ceased n/a Kazakhstan Almaty 1 Kazakh; English; Russian $55.00
927027P Shqiperia ne shifra Active n/a Albania Tirane 1 English; Albanian $51.00