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Product # Title Status ISSN Country City Freq. Language Price
811455P Studiia Antre/Studio entree Active n/a Russia Moskva 6 Russian $157.00
811467P Shkol'nyi logoped Active n/a Russia Moskva 6 Russian $157.00
838276P Mir tekhniki dlia detei Active n/a Russia Moskva 12 Russian $135.00
841480P Allergologiia i immunologiia v pediatrii Active n/a Russia Moskva 4 Russian $101.00
843842P Tucsok Active n/a Slovakia 10 Hungarian $92.00
868309P Zadushevnye besedy Active n/a Russia Moskva 4 Russian $62.00
P52132 Tom i Dzherri Active n/a Russia Moskva 12 Russian $281.00
P51489 IUnyi sledopyt Active n/a Russia Moskva 12 Russian $339.00
P7355 Florile dalbe Active n/a Moldova Chisinau 52 Moldovan $549.00
P1122 Kot i pes Active n/a Russia Moskva 12 Russian $313.00
P10137 Amik Active n/a Moldova Chisinau 12 Moldovan $361.00
P52131 Mikki Maus Active n/a Russia Moskva 48 Russian $397.00
P14893 Shonkar Ceased n/a Russia Ufa 6 Bashkir $142.00
880049P Smeshariki Active n/a Russia Moskva 12 Russian $147.00
912880P Disnei dlia malyshei Active n/a Russia Moskva 12 Russian $122.00
928742P Talimu huaduo (weiwen) Active n/a China Xinjiang 12 Uighur $137.00
5073262P Zdorov'e rebenka Active n/a Ukraine Donetsk 8 Russian; Ukrainian $306.00
5081556P Gorizonty Active n/a Ukraine Kiev 6 Russian $157.00
5087136P Dytiachyi likar Active n/a Ukraine Kiev 4 Ukrainian; Russian $126.00
5091344P Z turbotoiu pro dytynu Active n/a Ukraine Kiev 9 Ukrainian; Russian $253.00