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753864B  Kocho mui : povest' den koidarchykan myskara oilymash-vlak [Gor'kii med : povest' i iumoristicheskie rasskazy] Pirogov, Gennadii Mikhailovich 2006 145 Marii kniga savyktysh Ioshkar-Ola $22.95
768777B  Chumyren lukmo oipogo kok tom dene lektesh Kokymsho tom: Roman, sharnymash, stat'ia, serysh [Sobranie sochinenii v dvukh tomakh; Tom 2: Roman, vospominaniia, stat'i, pis'ma] Ialkain, Ianysh 2006 462 Marii kniga savyktysh Ioshkar-Ola $27.95
807844B  Emykan tukym = Istoriia roda Emykan Berezin, Viktor Ivanovich 2007 209 Marii kniga savyktysh Ioshkar-Ola $37.95
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