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Product # Title Authors Year Pages Publisher City Price
742655B  Ekonomicheskoe pravosudie v Rossii: proshloe, nastoiashchee, budushchee Kleandrov, Mikhail Ivanovich 2006 579 Volters Kluver Moskva $45.95
941172B  Institut iuridicheskoi sluzhby v predprinimatel'stve Kleandrov, Mikhail Ivanovich 2013 174 Norma; Infra-M Moskva $35.00
913643B  Otvetstvennost' sud'i Kleandrov, Mikhail Ivanovich 2011 575 Norma;Infra M Moskva $55.00
827932B  Status sud'i: pravovoi i smezhnye komponenty Kleandrov, Mikhail Ivanovich 2008 446 Norma Moskva $38.32