Russians on Trump

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Do you think Trump’s victory is a miracle? No, it’s history taking a deep breath!
— Alexander Prokhanov, Editor, Zavtra newspaper

No relationship has been reported on or analyzed as much as the one between the American 45th president and their former cold war rival. Now Russians on Trump gives you the perspective of the Russians themselves.

Ranging from the academic to the comic, the stories in Russians on Trump dig deep into what Donald Trump means to Russian writers, journalists and commentators. Read these and more, found in the pages of Russians on Trump:

  • "How Russia Spooked the World With Hackers and Prostitutes"
  • "The Foundation of The West is Shaken, Its Future Uncertain"
  • "How the New Cold War Is Getting Out of Control"
  • "One Hack Too Far"
  • "Spying on Uncle Sam"

If you want to know what the Russians think of Donald Trump, there's no better way than reading what they say about him in their press - and there's no better and more comprehensive survey of that than this book. — Prof. Mark Galeotti, Senior Researcher, Institute of International Relations, Prague

Well-organized and edited, this intriguing volume should serve as an excellent resource to those thoroughly interested in Trump's position on the world stage. — Kirkus Reviews Read the full review here

Anyone wanting to know more about U.S. Russian relations should read this book. — Walter Moss, professor emeritus of history at Eastern Michigan University and author of A History of Russia, Vol. I and Vol. II

Edited by: Laurence Bogoslaw (pdf)
Foreword by: Mark Galeotti
ISBN: 978-1-879944-89-3
Publication Date: April 2018
Language: English
Pages: 402 (paperback)

Laurence Bogoslaw - editor

Putting together this book has been a fascinating experience. Besides winnowing the extensive coverage of Donald Trump's campaign and presidency in the Current Digest of the Russian Press, we ended up translating a number of other articles that took on added relevance in retrospect — on Trump's prior contacts in Russia, his team members' background, etc. All in all, what emerges is a nuanced picture of Trump, from quite a diversity of angles, that I personally find quite interesting — both as a Russia specialist and as an American.

James Cahoy - publisher

In current news coverage, I don't believe there are any two words that are tied together as much as "Trump" and "Russia." No relationship has been reported on, analyzed, or speculated about as much as the one between our 45th president and America's former cold war rival. Contained in the pages of Russians on Trump, you will find new insights into that relationship from the Russian side. This book provides fascinating, educational and unique perspectives on the events that have riveted Western audiences for years now. I hope you enjoy it!

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